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Great actors know that there are two keys to learning to improvise with another player: Listening and staying flexible emotionally. Right now, you’re trying to get in step with certain people in your life who may be hard to understand rationally. Don’t impose your own viewpoint, though — that’s a sure-fire way to throw everyone off. Instead, take a cue from those master actors — take a step back for a moment, listen to the voices around you, and then jump back in.

Singles Lovescope

Today’s an excellent day to get your hands on some facts. Are they single? Are they stable? Do they prefer moonlit walks or sunsets on the beach? Good thing you’re a fabulous fact finder.

Couple Lovescope

Trying to predict exactly what your partner needs just won’t work. If you need to know, ask them. If they don’t have an answer, don’t press for one. One way or another, this will work itself out.


Apply a new way to deal with your personal issues, one that you’ve learned in the financial arena. Take the bull by the horns. In layman’s terms, connect with the other person, instead of being aloof.


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