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All signs are pointing to a fantastic new beginning for you, and a long journey or geographical change could be coming soon. If a trip is already planned, expect it to go incredibly well. An upgrade might be involved. Prepare yourself for a little unexpected luxury. A financial payoff is due today too, one you should share with the people you love. Invite a few friends out to dinner and surprise them by footing the bill.

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When falling in love, you might find yourself obsessing constantly over your new admirer. Instead of letting Cupid distract you from your daily activities, stay grounded and focused on the tasks at hand.

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You may have hit a patch of rough water and you’re starting to get seasick. After all, a person can only take so much turmoil. If you’re committed to the long haul, you’ll just have to hang on until things smooth out.


Your friends can only help you so much. For everything else, you need old-fashioned money. It’s amazing how much support you get once you start waving it about. You don’t kid yourself that the types who show up when money does are your real friends, either, so your heart is safe — even if your wallet isn’t.


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