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Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also send the wrong message about who you really are. In any social interactions you have today, it’s important to stay true to yourself, your sometimes goofy but always lovable self! You have an intense energy that appeals to people, but it is present only when you’re completely present. Save the acting job for another day. Today, you’ve got to keep it real.

Singles Lovescope

You love a blissful ending, but don’t rush the details. It’s not the “happily ever after” you should be concerned with. The journey is where the passion awaits.

Couple Lovescope

Spend quality time with your partner by talking about shared interests today. Although the conversation might get philosophical, you won’t scare off your mate with your deep thoughts.


You love sweets but you wouldn’t break open your piggy bank just to buy them. You bring the same common sense approach to what you purchase today. Just don’t forget that you are generating an image of yourself that others will remember forever.


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