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You’re far too humble to start bragging left and right about your recent accomplishments, but in your quest to not be pompous, are you depriving yourself of some positive press that you really deserve? You should softly toot your own horn today. Let a few blabbermouths in on what you’ve done or won and let them do the gossip spreading for you. People need to know how awesome you are, so don’t hide your gifts away. Share them with pride and confidence.

Singles Lovescope

Boredom could become a serious problem for you right now. And if you’re out on a date, fake it ’til you make it. Sure, this person may be the dullest idiot you’ve ever met, but don’t let them know it. Your sterling ability to make people feel good works in your favor.

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Be a lover, not a fighter. One of the most important skills to develop in a relationship is learning how to choose your battles. Is this really worth all the time and energy you’re putting into it? Think about it.


The fog lifts only for a short time, so make use of it to get yourself out of a tricky, hazardous maze. It has more to do with the tiny print and rules made up as you go than it does with real spending.


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