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You’re in a great mood, full of good humor and unlimited hope, so it’s a great day to pick an obstacle and fly right over it! You’re feeling confident and energized enough to go the distance, no matter how far it is. Pick your battle early in the day and by tonight you should have a very satisfying solution all worked out. This accomplishment, although it might not seem huge to some people, will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over and ready for your next success.

Singles Lovescope

Having mixed emotions about the supposed pros of being a couple versus the ostensible cons of being a singleton? It’s time to clarify what you truly want. Listen to your heart, not to what you “should” want.

Couple Lovescope

Expose those hidden feelings and stir up sleeping tensions. While this may feel scary at first, it’s ultimately beneficial to your relationship. Repressing emotions doesn’t do you or your partner any favors.


Bumping into one of your role models is like running into a celebrity. The buzz fuels your entire day. Don’t even bother keeping your eyes open for them, because they are impossible to miss. Imagining yourself traveling in their financial circles is all you need to re-motivate and re-energize.


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