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Some heavy feelings are probably weighing you down right now, but the sooner you address them, the better off you’ll be. You don’t have to solve them. In fact, just acknowledging that they exist might be enough to give you a little breathing room. Afterward, think about going for a long walk or finding some other physical way of gaining release. Once you’ve done that, you should feel like a burden’s been lifted.

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You stepped aside and watched things crumble, but somehow you still ended up in the middle of the chaos. It’s a good time to execute a strategic retreat. You’re more likely to find something good later.

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You have to truly understand what the current status of this relationship is before you set out to try and change it. In fact, when you examine the situation with true objectivity, there might not be much to change.


You can take things to a deeper emotional level tomorrow. For today, keep your feelings out of it. Make sure your decisions are about financial sense, not about relationships.


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