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Today you could have a very good time with a lot of diverse personalities, and the more diverse the better! Being a part of lively discussion where a lot of different opinions are bandied about will give you lots of energy you can use to build relationships and get to the next level with that certain someone. It’s up to you to start the conversation, though. Don’t be shy about getting the ball rolling. And once you do, the good times will begin!

Singles Lovescope

There’s a difference between appreciating someone’ s beauty and falling in love with them as a person. Romance and lust don’t always go hand in hand. Decide if you care about someone based on their looks or their mind.

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Tonight, involve all five senses in your plans. Scented candles and soothing music provide the aroma and sound, chocolate and strawberries the taste, and what you wear (or don’t) the visual. As for touch, you’ve got it covered!


You may be feeling selfish today. That’s fine, because you’re usually a very giving person. Focusing on yourself for a change is what you need to do to recharge your sense of generosity.


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