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Confident comes close to describing you right now, but it’s not enough. You’re so self-assured that people just assume you’ve got most of the answers and defer to you in nearly all matters. It’s a lucky thing that you’ve got the goods to back up the attitude. The stars help you shed the last traces of hesitation and take a leap of faith. Your willingness to lay it on the line and leap into a make-or-break decision will reward you handsomely.

Singles Lovescope

Hot is great, but brains are what catch your interest even more today. Bring your ideas and theories to the table, whether online or in real life. If that hottie can build on it, they’re the one.

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With your strong will, being half of a whole can be challenging. Then again, with your amazing heart, you make a terrific partner. Find the ways to be you and also be the two of you and feel great about both.


You may have less to spend on it, but your love of beauty still demands your attention. Find inexpensive ways to express your aesthetic this season.


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