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Everything smooths out when you just relax and trust in the universe. It’s difficult to believe, but you don’t actually have the last word on how things turn out — this time. That ought to be welcome news, since it means you can actually live your life instead of trying to steer it. That should release a pile of stress, but also improve your willingness to try new things.

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You’ve got to put past misunderstandings behind you now. There’s real potential facing you as long as you’re willing to get past the pettiness and take off on the crazy adventure in your future.

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It’s a fine line in any relationship: balancing what you want with what your partner wants. Compromise is a good solution, but don’t give away so much that you feel like you’re losing yourself.


When it comes to making money, you’re off the boil. Why plan for the future when all your hard work of the past seems to have been erased by the present? There’s a better way of looking at things. If you can’t see it, get creative.


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