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Life is good, love is grand and the word is a wonderful place to be. One of you has finally gotten up the courage to mention exactly how you feel and the other has responded with an enthusiastic ‘me too!’ There’s no catch, either. For the next few days, if not weeks, you’ll be right on top of the world — and when you’re happy, everybody’s happy! Be sure to spread the good feelings around. It’s only fair.

Singles Lovescope

Make some kind of plan today or you could end up feeling like nothing important happened. For best results, schedule every minute and include a balance of activities.

Couple Lovescope

You won’t want to keep your eccentricities under wraps today. And why should you? Your sweetie loves you just as you are, and you should too. Let your wild side come out to play!


The big picture and your inner picture line up nicely today. It’s not a stretch to daydream about financial success. In fact, you may want to find some time to be alone to do just that. It will actually influence your bank account.


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