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Today, your job is to give your creativity some place to go. And get some exercise! The stars say you need to get involved in a new project and let your imagination do its thing. Find something artistic to get busy with, whether you want to redecorate your bedroom, plant a garden, or make someone a birthday card, you’ll have tons of fun letting your mind go wild. Take advantage of all the ideas that are blossoming inside you.

Singles Lovescope

Two’s more fun than one now, and you’ll like doing something of substance more than indulging in mindless fluff. Take a date or friend to a lecture, reading, or offbeat event and enjoy discussing it afterward.

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Think about how you can do something for your sweetheart. And remember, doing something for them is not the same thing as doing something you think he or she should enjoy. Do you understand the difference?


It goes without saying you enter into any type of plan with only the rosiest scenario in mind. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a contingency plan. Count on good results while drafting your Plan B.


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