Daily Forecast Scorpio 04-17


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Whether or not you consider yourself creative, the ideas in your mind have a way of getting out into the world and making themselves known. No one sees things quite the way you do, and people like your take on the world. Look for some of your ideas to leak out today in an unconscious act on your part. You might not have meant to be such a star, but everyone can’t help but notice what you bring to the table. Try to use this attention to get something you’ve been wanting.

Singles Lovescope

Stick with your pals right now. Romance is great, but you need the honesty and support of your friends. Whether you’re watching TV or taking a hike, soak up this buddy time.

Couple Lovescope

Seeing is believing. For ages you and your honey have been talking about a long-cherished goal, but until now, you haven’t taken any steps toward it. Well, all that changes today, thanks to these vibrant astral energies.


You’ve learned the easy way and you’ve learned the hard way, and you prefer the easy way. You get to enjoy life’s lessons today because they don’t come with a heavy emotional or financial cost attached to them.



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