Daily Forecast Scorpio 04-18


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Someone might challenge one of your beliefs or opinions today, and some of the things they say will make sense! Your first instinct will be to defend your position firmly, but give yourself a couple minutes before doing that. Take minute to be open and listen to what they are saying. Some of it will resonate with you in a profound way. Believe it or not, you could be wrong — it does happen every once in a while. Changing your position to accept more grey areas is wise.

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You may want to go with the standard, or you might want to try something crazy. Go for something new and creative.

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Look closely at this situation, no matter how enticing it appears on the surface. Does this pretty package actually have something on the inside? You and your partner must weigh all the possibilities.


If you were placing your money on the table, you would have as many aspects of the plan thought out as possible. So when others look to you for quick answers today, you’ll feel caught without enough preparation time. Make a wild guess.



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