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Using your compassion will help you make it through the day more easily. There are quite a few opinionated people in your vicinity, and trying to put yourself in their shoes is the best way to keep yourself from getting unduly angry. It’s hard for you to understand how some people come to the conclusions they come to, but there is some logic at work there, however twisted it may be. Take a “live and let live” approach and be grateful that most of the people in your life are more open-minded.

Singles Lovescope

That intuition is accented by your personal energy today, and it should come in handy when dealing with your love life. Take a minute when assessing new folks to let it weigh in. It will steer you right.

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This situation keeps cropping up in your relationship for a reason. If you avoid tackling it now, you may not like its next appearance. Be a grown-up and do your duty with a brave and willing heart.


It may feel like your world is crashing down around you, but take it easy. All you’ve really lost so far is a bit of your swagger. And although that isn’t permanent, once you get your confidence back, you’ll probably rethink the attitude.



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