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There’s definitely something to be said for being idealistic, even for more practical types like you. You can be just as romantic as the next person, however, just as long as you know you stand a chance of having that dream become reality. In that case, your nature will lead you toward a relentless pursuit of that dream, which just might be the very thing you’re experiencing now.

Singles Lovescope

Do you have a “type”? If you always choose people with the same hair color or movie preferences, that’s exactly who you should avoid now. It’s time to branch out and chat with someone different.

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Nothing makes you happier than helping out, although being offered a helping hand feels pretty great, too. It’s all about this kind of give and take with the two of you right now.


You bring your usual level of intensity to the task at hand. In fact, your passion for money pushes all else aside today. Be sure to do some damage control in your personal relationships if you had to cancel at the last minute; not everyone shares your value system.



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