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Your new and improved take-charge attitude is starting to work today. Results are still coming in slowly, but people are getting behind you more and more. No one else sees things like you, and that is working in your favor. Resist taking on any more right now. Instead, take the path of least resistance and wait for everyone else to get on the same page as you. They can pick up the slack while you stand on the sidelines cheering everyone on like a coach.

Singles Lovescope

If you’ve been seeing someone, now is a good time to plan a quick vacation with them, an overnight trip or a weekend at most. It’s a great way to test the buoyancy of this relationship. Two days is a lot of time to spend with someone, and it’s a totally enlightening experience!

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Show your partner how you feel in a new and creative way. They’ll totally appreciate the gesture. Your energy is all fired up, so it ought to be pretty simple to figure out something new.


You’re working with a group of people who are so fundamentally different from you that it’s hard to relate to them on any level. There is one thing you are all in agreement about, though, and that is money. Instead of causing problems for you, it’s what brings you all together. Take a moment to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.


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