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It’s not selfish to want to be by yourself. It’s actually quite healthy! If being a social butterfly is simply not high on your priority list right now, don’t be ashamed of it. Stream one of your favorite movies and get comfy on the couch tonight. Order in some food and just relax. Social-hound friends may not understand this inward phase you’re going through, but they’ll accept it. They’ll have to! You need to be honest about your needs. People appreciate it.

Singles Lovescope

Dating isn’t always about romance. Much of the time it’s about friendship and compromise. If you’re not willing to put in the effort for a real relationship, keep the interaction light and casual.

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Your charisma is at a high, and you’re able to persuade anyone to do just about anything. Even the craziest plans seem enticing when you’re doing the talking. Your partner wants to be persuaded.


Your charm is a valuable asset. In fact, it’s helped you stay afloat. Continue to focus on your colleagues and companions, and deal with any problems diplomatically.


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