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You are one charismatic person, and it just follows that you’re going to attract some very interesting people to you. A chance connection with a stranger or casual acquaintance starts a spark that might be difficult to put out. Then again, if you’re free of a significant other at the moment, maybe there’s no reason to try to put a damper on things! Flirting is easy when you know for sure the other person is interested, but it’s up to you to interpret correctly if the other person wants to take things to the next level or not.

Singles Lovescope

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. Make time to organize your stuff and get rid of things you don’t need any more. The less chaos in the physical world, the more space there is for love.

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Have you two been doing more online shopping than usual? Find ways to manage your spending or your budget could start looking ugly. Put your mind to it and financial matters will smooth out.


You’d love nothing more than someone to hold your hand and walk you through a difficult financial process, but your pride won’t let you ask for help, much less a hand to hold. There are solutions to both your emotional and financial dilemmas. Let yourself be open to them.


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