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You will have a nourishing effect on anything you come into contact with, because your words and actions can help things grow a lot more quickly. Speak the truth in every situation and good things will result. If you sense something new starting, give it your total attention. Push it gently forward, keep encouraging it, and watch its progress. Soon enough, you’ll be looking at a beautiful, healthy blossoming relationship that will fill you with pride.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got that ego in check, you’re a bit more subdued, maybe less likely to speak up — but your subtle charm works wonders! Make lots of eye contact and hold it longer than usual.

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Now is a good time to take care of any loose ends left from previous projects. Team up with your partner and tackle your list. The sooner you get it done, the more time you’ll have for fun.


You would love nothing more than to be alone, but unfortunately you can’t get out of having an audience. You don’t have to reveal your deep feelings. Just showing up is socially useful.


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