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You could have an intensely magnetic effect on people today, which will be thrilling and fun. But keep in mind that while you’re pulling some fabulous people into your orbit, you’ll undoubtedly pull in one or two very insecure people, too. They’re looking for someone to tell them how to live their life, and that’s just not your style. Be careful not to make them think you play a bigger role in their life than you really do. Keep your distance.

Singles Lovescope

A close friend could ask for a favor. Before you agree, be sure you can keep the commitment. Backing out could damage your relationship. No excuse can make up for abandoning a pal in need.

Couple Lovescope

You’re bound to say exactly what’s on your mind or in your heart right about now. Luckily, your partner’s used to it and finds your straight, honest approach darn sexy.


When you hear some important news, you’ll want to act immediately, but you should take a few breaths and wait. Then wait some more. You only have half of what you need to make an informed decision, so be patient.


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