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Your friendships are ordinarily fun and easy. At the moment, however, the stars are itching for a bit of passion, drama, or intrigue, or better still, all three. Does this mean a friend is about to make a romantic overture? Maybe not, but if it does happen, think about whether you’ll be able to go back to being just friends if it doesn’t work out.

Singles Lovescope

When was the last time you put some new photos on your social networking profiles? Your great energy is pushing you to show off, and you should get an extra good response now.

Couple Lovescope

Keep you plans open. You won’t want to get too specific until later. If possible, let your partner be in charge of what the two of you do this evening. They have a completely different approach from yours.


You can’t be too flexible these days. With changing budgets and a shifting economy, staying rigid would sink you. That said, don’t bend when it comes to helping others.


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