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For the moment, you can expect to be a veritable magnet for the attention of new admirers of the most interesting variety. The fun starts today, with the possibility that you’ll hear from someone you can only describe as unusual and appealing. If you’re not legitimately attracted to them, however, don’t play. This is potent stuff you’re packing, and it won’t be as easy to turn off as it is to turn on.

Singles Lovescope

A casual meeting goes awry, and you want to give this person a piece of your mind. A lasting connection is possible if you go into the encounter with clarity and compassion – not revenge – in mind.

Couple Lovescope

Things could be a little tense between you two today, but if you bring the struggle out in the open, you’ll both quickly see that it’s nowhere near as serious as you feared it might be.


It’s a low energy kind of day. You just can’t drum up any excitement no matter how hard you try, but you won’t be trying very hard. There’s something attractive about feeling low key for a change. It’s more than just a day to refuel. You actually enjoy a completely different vision of life.


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