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You’ll wake up with a lot of energy today, which will help you face the day with a big smile. That smile will continue to grow throughout the day as you run into someone you really like but you haven’t seen in quite a while. Small talk will evolve quickly into a deeper connection, and you’ll wonder why you let them hang out at the margins of your life for so long. Make a date and be sure to get their new contact information. They want to spend more time with you too.

Singles Lovescope

Expect some serious emotions to rock your world, but you can see calmer waters ahead. Find your center and ramp up your speed so you can start to move into the place you really need to be.

Couple Lovescope

Your romantic energy is powerful right now, and you should be able to sweep your partner off their feet yet again. Try something small and lovely rather than big and showy. You don’t want to nuke them with love.


Business deals are few and far between. So when you’re in the thick of one, you’ll have all the time you need to examine it from every angle. Don’t forget to look beneath the surface, where the juicy details are buried.


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