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Just recently, you’ve been feeling or acting pretty rebellious and willful in the presence of some of your friends. Does that mean you’re really done with their nonsense and perfectly willing to let them know it? It does if you’re brave enough to actually come out and say it as opposed to being passive-aggressive. Why not just say what’s on your mind? Bet you end up closer as a result. Maybe not right away, but soon. Respect can be earned in many ways.

Singles Lovescope

Maybe they secretly collect old comics, or classic rock LPs, or biographies of vice presidents — you can’t find out unless you let some of your odd little secrets slip. Let your own unique self shine!

Couple Lovescope

You have a big smile on your face thanks to a renewed wave of confidence in your partner and your relationship. You might feel the urge to get an extra hug or some heavy-duty snuggling.


All your investments seem counterfeit and your dreams delusions. The worst part is that you can’t find the right charlatans to blame. Don’t worry, that’s only the view from the middle of the maze. The way out is up ahead.


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