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Your inner poet is going to help you handle stress today, so don’t fight it. Relax and open your mind, and you’ll find poetry in what you would normally call noise or banal chatter. However, your energy will flourish best in quieter surroundings, where you’re either alone or accompanied by only one or two other people. This is a wonderful day to climb inside your own little world, even if you’re in the middle of a crowd. You’ll find a new level of insight there.

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Life could get a little off-balance today. Your best option is to move forward, which means taking a proactive approach to discussing feelings and caring for your health. Try a long walk with an old friend.

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You can’t have all the answers all the time. The sooner you can accept that fact, the sooner you and your partner can relax a little. You might even be able to fit in more time for (gasp!) fun.


You’re more comfortable playing it safe than you are taking risks. Today you eschew the wild side and anyone who travels in it. You can stay safely curled up in your hard shell for as long as it takes, so don’t venture out until you’re sure you’re ready.


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