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If you’re diving into a new subject, book, task, project, or relationship, it doesn’t matter how prepared you are. Just go deep and you’ll navigate these waters, no problem! Preparation is usually an invaluable way to empower yourself in an unfamiliar situation, but today your instincts are sharp and your flexibility is good. You’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way, so don’t worry about looking silly or getting lost.

Singles Lovescope

You’re a true original, and you should definitely let your unique spirit come out to play. You don’t want somebody boring, so don’t act like it. Stretch yourself somewhat and find someone who matches you in some weird way!

Couple Lovescope

Your partner has something to tell you, but they can only use body language and subtle hints to get it across because they don’t consciously know what they’re trying to say! Keep watching for clues.


The appreciation fest isn’t over yet. Don’t forget to thank the one who fed you, meaning right here on this earth. Be the first one in the group to make it official. It will be good for your soul and theirs, plus your karma.



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