Daily Forecast Taurus 04-12


Taurus Daily Forecast

Singles Lovescope
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Someone interesting, even fascinating, is right around the corner and just dying to meet you. You, of course, are always game for different folks, especially those who have a brain. So when this new person arrives, you’ll probably want to clear your schedule and make sure you have time to spend with them. Do it! Oh, and don’t be surprised if this thing goes on well into the next few days too.

Singles Lovescope

Sleep in late if you can. You’ll have more energy by later this afternoon. You could be bouncing off the walls by this evening!

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to impress your partner in a big way. Of course, you’re always impressive, but what you’re about to do really takes the cake. You’re pretty spectacular!


You need to block out all thoughts of self indulgence. Your finances simply can’t support any selfishness at this time, not to mention foolishness. Make austerity your new game plan, and everything will be fine.



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