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Look to a vacancy in your life today. What or who is missing from it? After all, you can’t fill that void until you know what you’re looking for, can you? Happiness takes effort to achieve, but the good news is that every inch of effort is rewarded doubly over time. Once you think you know what you want, share your hopes with others. This will help keep you thinking positive, and it will keep people in the loop about what you’re doing with yourself.

Singles Lovescope

Romance is looking bad all around today. Consider putting off those big talks and hot dates until the momentum rolls around in your favor. Luckily this astrological venom doesn’t apply to every aspect of your life. That’s why it’s a great time to catch up on loose ends or spend time with pals.

Couple Lovescope

It’s no wonder your partner finds you so fascinating. You radiate powerful energy. You’re frequently surrounded by people who want some of your magic, but most goes straight to your SO!


It takes more creativity than usual to connect with people today, but you have the determination of a bulldog. You are going to get your message across by hook or by crook. They may not understand your ideas but they understand your money.



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