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You’ve always had an innate respect for authority, and it hasn’t gone anywhere. Now, when a tough situation seems possible, you know exactly who to turn to for advice, and they’ll be more than happy, no, they’ll be positively tickled that you turned to them. It’s a win/win situation, obviously. The best part is that you’ll come away with the counsel you need to end something that’s been making you crazy.

Singles Lovescope

You’re pretty sensitive lately, so don’t reveal too much to someone new. Be more conservative than usual about showcasing certain aspects of your personality. Wait until you know you won’t be betrayed.

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It won’t take much to keep you amused today. Every little thing your partner does will bring a smile to your face. Take a few moments to reflect and feel thankful for your happy, healthy relationship.


The details are so confusing you’re tempted to give up but you can’t afford another lazy day. This time next weekend will be another story, but for now, you need to make every minute count. Look at the calendar if you need to generate the sense of urgency that’s missing.



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