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Your passionate love for a certain hobby, gadget, or fashion trend is powerful for you. It feeds your brain and keeps you energized. But not everyone shares your interest so avidly, as you may come to realize when your enthusiasm is greeted by yawns or rolling eyes. Try to stick with the people you know will appreciate your zeal and maybe even share in it a little. It’s much more fun to celebrate something than to try to force people to like it.

Singles Lovescope

Put yourself in the karmic plus column and do something in the service of others today. Pick your favorite cause and do a bit of volunteering. You might get lucky, and meet a like-minded soul while you’re at it!

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You’re feeling all worked up over your partner, and it’s the perfect time to show it. Whatever you do, make sure the two of you are having fun, though that will be remarkably easy, given the energy of the day.


You don’t count on the messages you get from your body to keep healthy. If you did, you’d never stop eating ice cream and potato chips. And you shouldn’t let your urges to spend dictate when you do. All systems are governed from the top down. Use your head.



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