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It might be time for you to consider making a change in your career. Even if you’re not feeling especially ambitious, you need to put some effort into deepening your skills, expanding your professional network, or just reminding yourself how good you truly are. The change you need could be a whole new position at work, or it could just require a new attitude. You have to set your goals in order to attain them. Pick a goal and stick to it today!

Singles Lovescope

Toss aside that requirement list. A suitable partner isn’t always who you think they will be. Surprise yourself. Someone who’s more emotional and demonstrative could be exactly what the doctor (and the stars) ordered.

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It’s a good time for you to think outside the box. You may be facing some thorny relationship issue, but you can get great advice from the least likely places if you just think to ask.


Your thoughts are all over the place. It’s just as well you have no detail oriented tasks to take care of today, or any tasks at all for that matter. Wait for your energy to build before trying to improve your situation.



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