Daily Forecast Taurus 12-08


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Buckle up and get ready for a storm to hit today. There’s a strong wave of confusion and resentment coming, and you might be right in its path. You won’t be victimized by this angry energy, but your life could be affected a bit. Everyone’s emotions are high right now, and you might lose your temper, too, but it’s to be expected. Ride this wave of unpredictability for as long as it takes. You’ll come out on the other side with a few lessons under your belt.

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Are you ready to form some quick, potent bonds? To get them going, chat about your favorite things and ideas (simple, deep, and in between).

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Keep yourself open to new points of view. Your partner’s ideas might not be as way out as you originally thought. Be willing to admit you were wrong and move on.


Your ear is to the ground, but even the best listener can’t hear the sound of what’s coming. But even if it’s uncertain, betting on the future is better than doing nothing at all.



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