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If you spend too much time thinking about how to make everything equal and fair between you and your friends, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and creating way too much work for yourself. Life is simply not fair, as difficult as that is for you to knowledge. It’s a messy affair full of selfishness and selflessness. Look at things with a farsighted view. As long as you think things are generally equitable, that should be good enough. Don’t get lost in the nickels and the dimes.

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Your words create a bigger impact than you may realize. Pay careful attention to the tone and content of your messages. Try hard not to get too heavy around any romantic possibilities quite yet. Keep it all light.

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Strengthen your relationship the way you would your body. You eat a healthy diet to supply yourself with nutrients, so give your significant other emotional and spiritual nourishment too.


You want something out of the norm for your friends and family, and their reaction to it is extreme to say the least. Money might be a big part of their opposition. Explaining the financial benefits might help them see the light.


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