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Your attitude toward romance might be changing today. Suddenly, instead of replying immediately to messages and flirting up a storm, you might be looking forward to an extended period of time alone. This is a good sign! It means that you’re focusing on what you need and not on what you think you need. Listen to yourself, and give yourself the emotional distance you seek right now. Even if you have to cancel a social obligation, you should respect yourself enough to do so.

Singles Lovescope

Making things happen in the realm of romance requires a little risk now. Keeping it casual and looking at them as potential friends first might help you get up the gumption to make a move.

Couple Lovescope

Don’t get discouraged if things seem to be moving slowly. Your relationship is growing stronger day by day. You might need to take a step back to realize how far you’ve already come.


Like any marriage, your business idea brings up deep responses in others. You’ve come up with a combination that’s made in heaven. This kind of alliance is truly unique so others are bound to get jealous. Defend it passionately.


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