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Turn your attentions to resolving unfinished business today. Is there a project you left half finished? Is someone waiting to hear from you? Is there an errand you need to run? Get to it as soon as you can. Minor mistakes could turn into major headaches if you’re not careful. Don’t be shy. You need to make as many calls as it takes to reconnect with the people you need to speak with. You’ll be glad you went through all the effort.

Singles Lovescope

Mismatched people often make the best couples. Drop all your usual prerequisites for the perfect mate and give someone totally opposite a chance to make a play for your heart and soul.

Couple Lovescope

This latest relationship obstacle isn’t insurmountable. In fact, it’s not an obstacle at all. Think of it like an oil change: regularly scheduled maintenance. It’s just a little overdue, that’s all. You two are fine.


Something smells fishy. An impulse buy could earn you plenty of profit, but then again, you could wind up with something altogether different in your net. Ask yourself one simple question: what are the chances?


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