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Sometimes things really are just as good as they look! Today you are surprised to find that the substance of an attractive person matches up to his or her image. You could fall in love easily, although why complicate a perfect friendship? The choice may not be entirely up to you. You are tempted to throw caution to the wind. Don’t rush into a hasty decision — let things develop naturally.

Singles Lovescope

What’s the wildest thing you can dream up? Don’t just imagine today, go ahead and go for it! The time is definitely right for making big moves. You could surprise yourself with what you’ve got inside you.

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It ought to be all fun and games with the two of you now if the stars have anything to say about it. Kick a ball back and forth, go for a swim, or just take a walk. Getting some exercise together turns up the heat.


It’s a good day for all things uneconomic, which is not to say uneconomical. Things that suck money out of your wallet should be avoided, while those that don’t open it at all should be embraced.


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