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It’s time to bring out your secret weapon: your amazing conversational skills. If someone has you feeling flummoxed, why not talk to them about it? They aren’t going to react any way but positively. Any confusion can quickly and pleasantly be cleared up if you just verbalize your concerns. And who knows? You could create such a strong connection that you spark a friendship, if that’s what you want from them right now.

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Your desire to talk over others nearly overpowers you. But you must succumb to a greater force: the desire to meet new people. That means quieting that ever-moving mouth of yours. Ask lots of questions and then listen. People love to talk about themselves.

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All relationships have issues. The important thing is how you deal with them. When a problem arises, don’t assume the worst. You two have built a solid foundation. You can weather a rough patch.


Not sure what to do with your day? You’ll be locked in to a rigorous schedule tomorrow, so a rigid plan is the last thing you need. Follow your mood.


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