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If you think you don’t have enough time to attend to the details or errands that this day demands, then you have to reorganize your day to make time. Things have been left alone for too long, and they require your attention. You can’t put them off any longer. Procrastination not only robs you of being productive, it robs you of a sense of accomplishment. You do yourself a favor when you do something that needs to be done, so roll up your sleeves and get going.

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If you’ve been all talk and no action lately, start practicing what you (usually) preach to set a good example. People appreciate your dedication to keeping it real.

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You could be feeling like you’re being pulled in too many directions right now. Everyone wants a piece of you, so you’ll have to decide how to divide your time. Be sure your partner doesn’t get left out!


Take out your ear plugs, real or proverbial. It’s hard to concentrate with all the chatter around you. But one nugget in all the cacophony could make you a pretty penny, so don’t try too hard to block it all out.


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