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You’ve been working hard, diligently putting your nose to the grindstone for some time now. And now the stars are setting up such an amazing set of influences. Let’s just say you’re geared up for far more than a casual congratulatory pat on the back. It’s time to make arrangements, discreetly, of course, for celebrations with you as the guest of honor. Congrats!

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Yes, you’re at the center of the Universe, but try to act like you’re not aware of it. A little modesty becomes you now, and letting them find out how fabulous you are (all in good time) is great fun.

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Look to an old friend in a stable relationship for advice and guidance. They can offer you stories of their own life experiences that you can apply to your own relationship.


This is no time to be passive. When someone tosses a hot potato your way, toss it right back. Giving in and taking care of the problem on your own may seem like an easy way out, but it’s not worth the money or the aggravation, and it’s just plain unfair.


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