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If you’ve been wondering whether you did the right thing recently, stop it. You’re about to get an unsubtle hint letting you know that you’re not just headed in the right direction but also aimed directly at bringing a beloved old dream to life. Pay closer attention to where you are now, and remember that you’re just a few steps away from where you’ve always wanted to be.

Singles Lovescope

Being single isn’t always ideal, but count your blessings. If you were in a relationship right now, some big issues would be surfacing. Celebrate the fact that you only have to deal with your own business!

Couple Lovescope

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to tell your lover but were too anxious to spit it out, it’s time to confide. Trust in your feelings and know that your partner values honesty above all else.


A superficial understanding of your problems won’t help you. You need to get under the surface to find the root issues involved. Money worries are caused by your behavior, for instance, not the money itself.


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