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Your freedom means everything to you, so you’ve set up your work or home life in such a way that you can come and go when you like. Sometimes, though, your lack of roots leaves you feeling a little lonely, or even misinformed. Try to be more of a team player today, if possible. Jumping into a group situation of some kind means you lose a bit of independence, but you pick up plenty of creative input and support.

Singles Lovescope

Your usual routine is disrupted by the appearance of someone you’d love to get to know better. Complete the task at hand, then take a break to introduce yourself. Work can wait.

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Dedication is so sexy, especially when you’re the one demonstrating it. Your commitment to this relationship is renewed. Your beloved sits up and takes notice. Who knew that loyalty could be the ultimate turn-on?


Things go well or badly depending on how you get your message across. People may misinterpret what you say but they can’t misinterpret the numbers. Put everything in writing so it is crystal clear. You’re the messenger and the last thing you want is to get shot for what you are merely delivering.


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