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Obvious choices are boring choices, so if you’re in the midst of a decision that’s causing you to rip your hair out, take heart. Would you rather not have this dilemma in your life? Think long and hard before you answer that. Excitement has a price sometimes, and right now the price you’re paying is this kind of stress. It’s a good problem to have, though, so focus on that! Friends and associates can help you make your choice, so don’t be shy about asking them what they think.

Singles Lovescope

Maybe those old-time romantic mishaps weren’t your fault after all. Maybe nobody was at fault! They may have been trial runs for the upcoming glorious romance that you can really believe in.

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You’ve got to lead by example today because your partner isn’t going to be able to get it going in the same way you are. That’s cool. You’ve got energy enough for two!


Someone knows how to waste your money. You just can’t afford to be around them today. You know the drill: tell them you’re busy, without being too specific.


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