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Do you fear that a friend or coworker is going down a very dangerous road? Make an extra effort to get some quiet time alone with them today so you can share all your concerns. Be careful not to come off as preachy or like you know everything, because you most certainly don’t. Be compassionate and make it clear that you aren’t judging them. You’re just concerned about them. If they don’t choose to open up to you, don’t look on it as a failure. You tried.

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Feeling inadequate just because you don’t have all the answers is a hard way to live. Believe it or not, nobody expects you to have the solutions to all the world’s problems. When you let go of your need to fix everything, you’ll release lots of new energy in your life.

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Deal with it and move on. That’s your usual approach to a problem. The stars, however, are tapping you on the shoulder and saying that you and your partner might need to slow down and be more thorough right now.


Even in tight times, you can still enjoy a taste of something foreign. Literally. Travel might be out but an unusual dinner spot is definitely in, and within your budget, too. Do some research.


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