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It’s important to appreciate beauty today. The creativity you’re unleashing needs some aesthetic inspiration to fully flower. Natural beauty is the most effective means of doing this, so try to find time to take a walk and enjoy the day. Even if you can only get outside for half an hour, the fresh air and light exercise will serve you well. Try to go in the middle of the day, when your energy will likely be in need of a boost.

Singles Lovescope

As the life of the party, you often feel most comfortable in front of a captive audience. However, as you start dating, keep in mind that you’re not on an improv comedy audition. Be yourself without searching for a punchline.

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Things might be difficult today but you can turn the mood around with your attitude. Focus on your plans with your partner and the day will fly by.


You’re bewildered and befuddled, but so is the rest of the financial world. Pretending to be sure of yourself is a waste of time. Don’t keep your doubts hidden. The ability to voice them is a valuable asset.


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