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It’s not as if you’re a stranger to impulse or spontaneity. In fact, you wrote the book on it. So now, when a particularly odd idea occurs to you — one you’re absolutely sure will be great fun for all parties concerned — not only will you not hesitate to mention it, you’ll also go out of your way to sell it with an irresistible, unfailing frenzy. Better pass out disclaimers to be signed before you leave the building, though.

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You’ve got a unique way of seeing things this morning, and someone may ask you to share it with them. By this afternoon, though, you could lose sight of the big picture if you don’t pace yourself.

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Make your home a cozy retreat for two while the rest of the world swirls on around you. Prepare a simple home-cooked dinner with your loved one and enjoy each other’s company.


Some day in the distant future you’ll be able to instantly get where you’re going. But as it stands today, you have a lot of plodding to do before you get anywhere. It seems impossible that you’ll ever make headway, but you will if you stay focused and disciplined.


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