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Don’t worry if you start off the day feeling a bit down. It won’t last long. To help your mood, try to get outside for a brief stroll if you can. The fresh air will help you think more clearly and see things in proper perspective. Being in a funk is nothing to worry about anyway. You have to work through your feelings, and sometimes it’s not a fun experience. The good news is that you could come to some answers today that make you feel better.

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You’re so charming and alluring that cute forest creatures would happily eat out of your hand. Direct that energy toward that crush of yours and they might just end up doing the same thing.

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One of you wants to call this case closed, but the other thinks there’s an answer you’re not seeing. Meditate on this. Every problem contains the seed of its own solution if you have the clear head and spirit to see it.


You are full of doom and gloom. You can shake the bad attitude but only with some effort. Go ahead, be daring. Or consider your family obligations if that’s a more pressing motivator.


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