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Put your ambition on pause for a while. It’s keeping you isolated. There are people you should be getting to know better. Today, focus on being more compatible with the people you’re working with. Make a few compromises, hold your tongue here and there, and just try to play nicely with others. Having more harmony in your life will help even out the tumultuous energy that’s been circling you for a few days. Aim for less tug-of-war and you’ll have a lot less stress.

Singles Lovescope

Feeling unmoored by an encounter with an ex? You didn’t leave on the best of terms, but the stars are giving you a chance to wrap up your romantic karma. Clean the slate for your next romance.

Couple Lovescope

With so many things going on in your busy life, you’re craving stability. Fortunately your partner is happy to provide it. Let them be your anchor. When everything else feels uncertain, they are there for you.


Spend as much time listening as you do talking today. Whether at a party or just shooting the breeze, socializing is the way to learn a uniquely valuable tidbit of information.



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