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You’ll need all the powers of concentration you can muster to cut through some complications that are arising now. You’re more than equal to the task, but you’re also a little prone to avoiding issues, which will only cause a snowball effect at the moment. Tune in (a good first step is to listen up) and focus on the important stuff. Regard any advice you get with a critical eye. After all, you’ll want to consider the source.

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Pay careful attention to body language. You may be giving off more heat than you realize. Focus that energy on just one special person today. Other folks aren’t quite ready to bear the full brunt of your power.

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Intellectual ideas are appealing to you right now. Find something that’s interesting to you and your loved one and explore it a little further. Stimulating your mind is good for your relationship too!


Throwing yourself or your money into a project without knowing all the facts beforehand just hasn’t worked. You should be once burned, twice shy by now, and yet you’re still tempted to put off figuring things out. Don’t. You can’t spend too much time on the facts this time.



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