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Someone you thought you would never see again could pop back onto the scene today, although probably not in person. They could send you a message, appear in search results, or just pass you on the street. There won’t be direct contact, but there will still be a chance for you to learn something from the encounter. It’s time you let yourself release past grudges, suspicions, or hard feelings and realize that life is too short to get caught up in petty games.

Singles Lovescope

Early morning brings challenges, but by late afternoon, some extremely helpful energy comes your way. Be wary of your environment and your instincts and you can make great progress!

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It’s a great time for the two of you to plan a party, if not a virtual cocktail party, perhaps a barbecue outdoors? You’ve got the energy to keep everyone you know laughing and chatting for hours.


If you didn’t plan ahead, you might be tempted to fill your day by spending money. Remember what a visionary you thought you were when you came up with a budget? Get yourself motivated to stick to it.



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