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The social games used to be fun and charming, but lately they’ve become too predictable and tiresome. It’s time for a change in plan. People who are all talk and no action need to be avoided. Instead, you need to spend more time with people who commit to things and know how to follow through. Align yourself with people you can depend on. Shifts happen from time to time in relationships, and this one is a necessary one.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re mingling romance and work (or considering such a mingling), proceed with even more than the usual caution now. Think ahead, and get a level-headed, objective friend to help you do so!

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Dwelling on your partner’s supposed imperfections blows them out of proportion, and that goes for you, too. Besides, being flawless is boring. Train yourself to appreciate the quirks of someone’s personality.


Something minor but out of the ordinary is trying to be slipped in under the wire. You’re wise to it, though. You’re too careful to be played for a slacker just because the rest of the world seems to be on vacation. Give yourself a nice bonus for catching something in the fine print.



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